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The Meditub Promise: Meditub exists to benefit and enhance the quality of life of our customers.


Our Mission Statement

Founders of Meditub Inc., discovered that each year, thousands of older adults suffer from injuries caused by bathroom falls. Seniors and people with limited mobility are unable to enjoy the comfort of independent bathing because of the short supply of assisted-living products on the market. Financial constraints and limited availability of special-needs products force more and more elders out of their homes into senior-care facilities.

Our promise is to supply the market with durable and affordable senior care bathing products, constructed of highest-grade materials, and adhering to standards of safety and operability. Our team works hard on developing and perfecting our products to fit all applications.

Featured Products

Meditub™ 3140 Series

Meditub™ 3140 Series Meditub™ 3140 Series Meditub™ 3140 Series Meditub™ 3140 Series

31(W) x 40(L) x 40(H) in. Walk-In Bathtub 3140 Series

Meditub™ 3660 Series

Meditub™ 3660 Series Meditub™ 3660 Series Meditub™ 3660 Series Meditub™ 3660 Series

36(W) x 60(L) x 38(H) in. Walk-In Bathtub 3660 Series

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Meditub™ Certifications

  • Meditub™ Conforms to Following Standards:
    ANSI Z. 124.1 - ASME A.112.19.7

For a list of official Meditub™ dealers near you please call us at 1-866-633-4882Where to Buy

For a list of Official Meditub™ Dealers near you please call us at 1-866-633-4882

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See what people is saying about Meditub™"My Mom has bad arthritis and aching joints, and fell getting out of her bathtub two months ago. This walk-in bathtub has truly been a blessing to our family"
By Ashley L. Redding - Allendale, NJ